Monday, April 6, 2009

Gainfully Employed as an RA

I got an RA position for next year!

The dorm I was assigned to was not what I was expecting at all - wasn't one of the three I was agonizing over in my head. In fact, this place is one of the interviews I was considering calling to cancel.

I know why I got the offer from this place. It's the only all-girls dorm on campus; it has two wings - in one wing, the RAs get an apartment with their own bathroom, and the RAs are often married and live there as a couple. In the other wing (where I will be) the bathrooms are communal, and the RA's quarters are not apartments but a single room the size of a dorm double.

So this wing requires that the RA be a single female for several reasons: it's a girl's dorm, boys aren't allowed in the communal bathroom, and a married couple couldn't fit in one room very well. And of course, being the charming sort that I am, I couldn't help but shoot to the top of the relatively short list of single female RA applicants. :)

I should have thought of that. I am sure I could have gotten one of the other dorms, I know I was at the top of their choices. And those would have had an apartment for me. Aw, sadness... I am tired of living in a dorm room, that's why I wanted out of where I am now. I was really looking forward to having a living room. And my own furniture.

If only I had thought to put down this dorm as one of the places I would refuse to work... I had that option, you know. But I honestly never expected that I would get the offer from here - I had no idea I impressed them that much.

So what's the bottom line here - that I am too charming for my own good? Silly. That single females are in too short a supply here? Well, yeah, but not my fault. Or that I got my nearly last choice on place to live?

Of course not. I'm choosing to focus on the positive here:

The place I will be living is the cleanest and prettiest on campus. It has a gorgeous view of the river and of the city skyline, a rooftop deck, and in-house dining options for when I don't want to cook. It's as close to my office as I can get without living in lab. I haven't gotten a chance to meet my resident girls yet, but I am sure we will enjoy getting to know each other. The room I will have is no smaller than the one I have now, and I've gotten along fine for two years. The room does come with my own small kitchenette as well as a roomy kitchen for the floor, and I don't need to buy any furniture.

Now if only it weren't for that communal bathroom... but hey, at least I don't have to clean it!

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