Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Going to Be A Good Trip

We arrived this morning at 7:30am after an overnight flight from Boston. Breakfast was quick, then we got to work. Lunch for today was a buffet with soup, salads, sides, bread, cheese, fruit, and all manner of entrees - from sushi, to reindeer pate.

After work for the conference was done, I went to dinner with friends at a place called The LobsterHouse. Appetizers were smoked Pacific salmon served beside celeriac foam, and the bread was fresh gingerbread slices. For an entree I had catch-of-the-day salmon, served with lobster tail, puree of yellow beets, green onions, and locally brewed Koldt beer. My friends ordered dishes such as whale sashimi, tenderloin of horse, and garlic lobster tails. Delicious, delicious!

Then after dinner, we relaxed in the naturally fed hot springs swimming area. With a waterslide. The waterslide was cold water (the other girls wimped out), but the guys and I thought the ride was very worth it!

Tomorrow, let the conference begin!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flight Delay Due to WHAT?

Tomorrow I leave for Iceland for a conference I helped to organize.

Today also there is this lovely item in the news: Volcano Erupts in Iceland. That eruption has been diverting US flights. It's supposed to be back to normal by tomorrow, but we shall see.... Usually from Boston to Iceland in March you have to watch for blizzards, not volcanoes!

I have left the girls in my dorm fresh fruit and brownies (can't let those spoil while I'm away, you know...). I did the laundry, I cleaned my dishes. I wrote a list of things to tie up for research tomorrow, and I should be on my way.

Another stamp on the passport, coming right up!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trying Desperately to Stay on Top of Grading

I was just about to take off a good chunk of points while grading a test, then realized the student had a point and my solutions for the exam may be wrong. Shoot! And I've already done 3/4ths the grading....

I'm giving up and going to bed...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whirlwind Update

Have been swamped. SWAMPED I tell you! But I have managed to accomplish an amazing amount, including the following:

- completed first draft of my PhD proposal (although it needs much revision)

- found out that a journal paper of mine accepted for publication (with NO revisions - woohoo!)

- taught a robot to operate my machine for research (hoping it won't replace me as cheap labor... wait, nothing's cheaper than grad student labor...)

- took a cooking course at the culinary school, called "South of the Border" where we cooked Mexican food. I got put on the dessert category - the teacher must have known my type.... :)

- attended a John Mayer concert. Fantastic!

- got tested for allergies at the dermatology clinic, which involved not showering for three days while test strips were affixed to my back... lovely. Found I am allergic to nickel and lanolin (wood alcohol, found in various cosmetic items).

- listened to entire conversation between a bus driver and a very twitchy passenger with insider knowledge about the drug underworld (industry? trade?) here in Boston, and the associated jail stories.

- entered myself in a lottery for Red Sox tickets. Fingers crossed!

- ended my stint as Treasurer of the student club, and took a minor Officer role for next year. Mostly because the cute boy asked me to.

- organized a conference call between Boston, San Francisco, Cambridge UK, Canada, and Iceland. What an amazing thought to have all those people connected across continents, timezones.... the conversation was fascinating.

- wrote my very first exam problem as the TA for a class. I just finished writing solutions, and now I am answering the desperate emails flooding in from students ahead of the exam tomorrow morning. I'm taking internal bets on the time stamp of the last email I get tonight... I expect I won't be awake to see it.

- was complimented sincerely by THREE business people on my presentation skills. Score for the engineer!

I miss blogging, because I have some really good stories I haven't been able to properly get out. If things calm down (possibly) or if I become more efficient in my time management (one can dream) I hope to share more adventures with you.

And with that, to all a good night!