Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Going to Be A Good Trip

We arrived this morning at 7:30am after an overnight flight from Boston. Breakfast was quick, then we got to work. Lunch for today was a buffet with soup, salads, sides, bread, cheese, fruit, and all manner of entrees - from sushi, to reindeer pate.

After work for the conference was done, I went to dinner with friends at a place called The LobsterHouse. Appetizers were smoked Pacific salmon served beside celeriac foam, and the bread was fresh gingerbread slices. For an entree I had catch-of-the-day salmon, served with lobster tail, puree of yellow beets, green onions, and locally brewed Koldt beer. My friends ordered dishes such as whale sashimi, tenderloin of horse, and garlic lobster tails. Delicious, delicious!

Then after dinner, we relaxed in the naturally fed hot springs swimming area. With a waterslide. The waterslide was cold water (the other girls wimped out), but the guys and I thought the ride was very worth it!

Tomorrow, let the conference begin!

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  1. I am so jealous of your fun conference location!

    I had one in Boston in the fall (lovely city, but nothing out of the ordinary) and PI wants to send me one in middle-of-nowhere North Carolina in July. Big, hot, sweaty whoop.