Sunday, April 26, 2009

People Coming out of the Woodwork

I opened my door, took the elevator downstairs, and walked outside today.

It was incredible.

Mostly for the fact that this did not include any preliminary steps of putting on jacket, finding a scarf, and rounding up two matching gloves. I didn't squint against the wind, or turn my head away from the chill. I walked. Outside. Just stepped right out.

I feel free. I looked at the sun, and it made me happy. I watched the tulips open up, and the air smelled blue.

And people came out of the woodwork all around campus. Kids sat on building steps to eat lunch, there was a group tossing beanbags on the lawn. Every runner in the city - and there are a ton - was out along the river or on the roads.

There was a horse-drawn carriage puttering along beside Boston Common, girls were wearing sundresses and those large ridiculous bug-eyed sunglasses.

Yay spring!

1 comment:

  1. I left the house this morning without a jacket. My whole way to work, I felt like I was missing something.