Saturday, April 4, 2009

Studying < Dinner

Last Thursday I had a whirlwind day, starting early at 7:30 am, then rushing from meetings to appointments with pencil and notebook in tow. My last meeting was my quals study group, which went from 5-7:30pm.

My mental energy was completely gone by the end of the day, I was hungry, and all I wanted was to head home. I shuffled my way back to lab, shoulders drooping. I leaned my shoulder into the door of my office and - umph. Locked. Digging in my bag looking for my keys, I suddenly had this clear picture of me leaving them on the lab bench in lab. I tromped over to lab, and - door locked and everybody gone.


Oh well, I thought, I don't need my keys to get home - my roommate is home, I can get in. I'll just come back tomorrow morning.

I turned to go, but then oh, wait I thought- the materials I was going to study tonight are in my office. Short pause. I thought about it, and decided - oh well! Too bad, not going to worry about it.

Then as I was walking away, I remembered.

My dinner was in my office, in the fridge.

And did I say "oh well" to this thought? You better think again!

I hunted down somebody I knew was working late in another building, and fortunately they agreed to walk back and open the office for me.

It was good they knew better than to stand between a girl and her dinner...


  1. Our uni is pretty small, so it's only about a 5 min walk to get a security dude to come over and help you if you're locked out. However a good chemist can always mix up some thermite if the need takes them...

  2. Dinner is always more important than ________.