Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have begun packing. I am slapping tape on boxes left and right.

Yes, I look like that. My pink lingerie set is my favorite moving attire...

I applied and interviewed and have been hired for an RA position next year, so I am moving this summer into the undergrad dorm in preparation for all the new students to arrive in the fall.

My moving date is next Tuesday, and I plan to have everything packed by Monday so that the actual moving day is as painless as possible. My mother and sister are helping me move (thank you thank you!), and everything will fit in one small UHaul truck trip. I've never had anybody help me move before, and I am looking forward to having extra pairs of hands.

Also, this time I have an elevator in both old and new rooms, and that is a fantastic thing.

And while I am packing, I am tossing junk. The more I toss, the less I have to pack, right? My rule is that if I haven't used the thing in a year, I don't need to keep it (aside from a few keepsakes). I don't own any major furniture (just a couple nightstands and a set of shelves), so the majority of my belongings can be summed up in four words: clothes, shoes, tools, and books.

I'm not sure how it's all going to fit in the new place, but it's about the same size so I guess it won't be too hard. I'l have to figure out how to do laundry, how to set up my kitchen.

But we all know what the real first priority is going to be: setting up the TV and internet in the new place!

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