Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something's Wrong With the Mirror...

Yesterday I went sunglasses shopping. I have a rule that I never buy sunglasses for more than about $15, because I find the time it takes me to lose a pair of sunglasses is strongly correlated with how much I paid for them. A $5 pair from Wal-Mart I can manage to hang onto for three years. I splurged for a pair once, and dropped them in the river the next week.

My current pair I've had for about two years, and they've been through a lot with me. But have you ever seen old cars with terrible window tint jobs? You know how the tinting starts to crackle and peel off the windows? That's what my sunglass were doing. People, the sun was peeling off my glass.

So I need a new pair.

I was standing in the mall, in a store where they were having a sale on sunglasses (score!). I tried on pair after pair, and nothing was working for me. I was confused why none of my selections was looking right. So I peered closer...

And they were crooked!!

Well, SOMETHING was crooked.

I stared and stared, trying to figure out what was off... was the mirror warped? (Not an unlikely possibility, as every woman knows who has used the mirror as an excuse for an unflattering outfit in the dressing room...) But no, that wasn't it. Were the sunglasses twisted? No, because every pair had the same problem.

Then I considered that every face is not perfectly symmetric.

So maybe my ears are not parallel? Or my nose is crooked?

I narrowed my sunglass choices down to my favorite two (and do you KNOW how hard that is to do with no second opinion from a shopping buddy?), and as I was agonizing over my final selection it hit me -

My EYEBROWS aren't even.

Oh for crying out loud.

So this morning I whipped out my tweezers, and look out now - me and my new sunglasses are totally hot and stunningly even. :)


  1. In high school, I used to buy $20-100 pairs of sunglasses. Inevitably, I'd leave them on the seat of my car and then sit on them. Near the end of my senior year, I bought a $6 pair from Claire's at the mall. Eight years later, I finally had to replace them because they were so scratched up. Currently working on a $10 pair from Target.

  2. I splurged on a pair, hopefully they'll keep! I had one pair, which my parents had gotten me (they were expensive, so I only wear them while I'm driving) No chance of losing them if they're always in the car.

    I tend to need the wired kinds though, plastic frames never work for me...I need those nosepieces...