Monday, July 27, 2009

Hiking Trip

Two weekends ago, I went hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I had a great time with friends, and although I wimped out and went with the "moderate" hiking group instead of the "advanced" hiking group (I mean, come on, my pride couldn't let me go with the "easy" group...), it was still plenty of miles for me. My legs have been talking to me ever since that trip. They have decided to unionize to prevent that much climbing in a short amount of time. For fear of a strike, I have ceeded to their demands and in the future every hiking trip will be punctuated with forced, 15 minute breaks every hour and a half. Mosquito repellent shall also be carried in my hiking backpack, and liberally reapplied at every mandatory rest stop.

Stupid unions. I'd trade in my legs for another pair, but that's not allowed under the new terms either....

I can't take credit for the following pictures, as they were taken by a friend with a nice Nikon camera. But the memories are mine, so I feel I can share. No people are shown because they don't know I have a blog, and I don't have release forms... :)

Our cabin:

Where we refilled our water:

Swimming Break:

Top of the mountain:

I can't lie, this made me really nervous to watch...

I love New England!

Panorama (you can open this up to a big picture in a new window if you like):

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    I have an online friend who lives in New Hampshire. I had no idea how much I should be envying her . . .until now.

    Beautiful pictures. And memories too, I am sure.