Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Medical-Study-Approved Breakfast

You might remember that I am enrolled in a medical study, where I have to write down what I eat and stick to a certain amount of calories per day. (Well, supposed to. I don't always... but at least I faithfully report I ate more than I should!)

It's really not so hard to keep your calories low when you realize that: fruits, veggies, and fiber = low calories, and fat and oil = lots of calories. If you just skip a brownie, you can have an entire plate full of veggies. Or bowl full of strawberries.

So I thought I'd share a recent medical-study-appropriate breakfast. If I divide my calories about evenly per day and account for snacks, I get about 500 calories for breakfast.

Figure: Just look at all those fresh foods. And all that color!

Figure: First, we chop away. Miss Outlier loves her Cutco knives.

Figure: Then, we sautee. Items that take the longest go first (potatoes, onion) then the tender veggies go next (yellow pepper, green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms), then the finishing touches (salt, pepper, green onions).

Figure: Then, we eat! Add an egg, cooked in all those delicious sautee juices, and fresh tomatoes for topping. Glass of cold milk and we are good to go.

And the total for all that?

Potato: 177
Onion: 32
Peppers: 33
Mushrooms: 5
Green Onions: 16
Oil for sauteing: 72
Egg: 78
Tomato: 33
Milk: 62
Total calories: 507

Easy and delicious!

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  1. Wow I love it. I need the borrow that idea for dinner maybe. I hope we get to see some of your lunches/dinners as well.