Monday, June 14, 2010

Keeping the Pipeline Full

I got to see my extended family recently for a wedding, and one evening the adults got to sit around and shoot the breeze. The grandparents and assorted family wanted to know what all the young adults' five year plans were. It was interesting to hear my cousins' plans for their life - it's been a while since I've heard what they are up to.

One cousin plans to stay in her career for the next couple years, she's happy with her new house and job downtown. Another cousin (newly graduate with her bachelor's degree - congrats!) decided that instead of going back for her Master's, she would stay in Big City where she is interning, and pursue an office career. She is building her shoe collection, and I am in full support of that. :)

Figure: Oh yes. Someday.

Then what about my plans?

Well, grandparents, I'm in school. Still. Yep, haven't finished yet.

Do I know what my five year plan is? Not really. I don't have a plan nailed down, but I've got a lot of options.

Maybe I'll work for a microfluidics startup company, or start my own. I've got some good contacts in that area from my research (and even more with the recent networking event).

Maybe I'll start that business I worked on last semester. I already have a business plan, and I've continued to develop the idea this past semester.

Or, who knows, maybe this crazy idea with the business kid....

Everything in the pipleline involves entrepreneurship, (which I've known for a while I'm interested in), so there's a common factor there. I think I've done a pretty good job setting myself up, doing things like organizing an entrepreneurship workshop.

The key here is that I have a pipeline. I've tried to keep multiple things in line, because you never know what's going to pan out in the end. I'm hoping that if I keep myself positioned as well as I can, learn as much as possible, keep an open mind to opportunities, and pursue what I'm truly interested in and excited about - that my life's path will both challenge me and allow me to make a contribution to the world. And make enough money to live on, of course. If I can buy a few pairs of killer shoes, I'd be a happy woman.

Figure: Right after the Louboutins.

I don't expect life to always be awesome, or perfect. I just want my life to be interesting - the worst possible thing for me is to be bored.

During the conversation with my family, somebody brought up a book they were reading. The author really encourages readers to - loosely paraphrasing - don't work for your money all your life, make your money work for you. One of the quotes from the book is, "Why climb the ladder when you can own it?"

I have to say, for my own life, I think I'm going to take that quote in a different direction. I'm not much interested in climbing the ladder, and I'm not counting on ever being rich enough to own it.

But shoot, somebody's got to BUILD the ladder. :)

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  1. "somebody's got to build the ladder."

    I need to remember that one.