Sunday, September 9, 2012

Manufacturing Video for Kids

One of the side projects I've done recently is a video about manufacturing for kids, targeted at the elementary school grades. This is part of a project that World's Best School is doing all over the institute, trying to help develop better teaching materials for school teachers in their classrooms. There are many video courses available over the internet, but making videos for science and math sometimes requires access to laboratories and equipment - which many video-makers may not have. However, World's Best School is full of young, energetic, highly intelligent students with access to sophisticated equipment and enough spare time that offering a bit of money provides a strong incentive to work on such things...

One of the topics that the program's coordinators specifically asked for was manufacturing. So two others and I (we all work in the Lab for Manufacturing) banded together and came up with three video concepts. We helped each other with script revisions and filming, and then each took responsibility for editing and submitting one of the three.

Mine is here, for your enjoyment.

It was surprisingly hard to get concepts down to the average 2nd or 3rd grade level, since I'm used to working at grad school level. I tried to do it without sounding condescending or overly simplified. Plus it's my first try at making a video in iMovie, so it was definitely a learning curve. If they need more videos in the future, I have lots more ideas, and next time around I'm sure I'll be much better at it!

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