Friday, September 7, 2012

Business Speak

I tell you what, I have been getting some emails from business-type folks recently that just rub me the wrong way. Used to be, I didn't have a business-to-engineering dictionary, so some of these things went over my head. But I'm a lot more sensitive now to the undertones, and I don't know if that's a good thing...
I can make myself available for coffee next week on Wednesday after 4 pm. Let me know if it works for you.
Translation: I am very, very busy, likely busier than you and more important, but if you feel that you really are worth my time, I will "make myself available." Of course, this depends on context, but let me assure you the context here was definitely I-will-deign-to-meet-with-you, based on my prior interactions with the person...
I should be able to make it. But I will confirm once again as the day approaches, since a lot of unexpected things have been coming up.
Translation: As of this moment, I don't have anything else to do. But if anything else remotely more interesting turns up, I'm dumping you and going to that. Just to warn you. And don't ask me now for confirmation - I don't want to be pinned down. Don't call me, I'll call you...

Sigh. Maybe I'm a little sensitive, but it does feel lately like everyone thinks they are more important than me. It does make me pay attention more when I write emails, so that I don't give that impression to other people. Because I find myself a lot more inclined to help people when I feel appreciated, so if I want to stay on good terms with others, I am reminded to always value their time (and express it that way!).

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  1. You may not like my comment but lately, I've been going to Montreal for (personal) appointment with womans and usually, it's been going well online and I set an appointment with plenty of details including my phone number with the instruction to text message me to confirm or anything else.

    I get nothing on the telephone. I show up at the place, get 2 beers, chat with the waiter about beer making and call it a day. No big deal.

    One days later, same deal with another woman but I don't show up at the microbrewery.

    Back home, I continue chatting with them but this time, I ask them to set an appointment and I'll show up.

    Usually, when I go to Montreal, it's because I have to (reason's include seeing my primary care doctor, going scuba diving, meeting the family and a few other reasons) so I don't usually go for nothing and don't make a deal out of these missed appointment but in your case, it's definitely not a solution.

    In this case, dump'em and try to find better businessman or businesswoman.