Thursday, June 14, 2012

There And Back Again

I have been wanting to get back into blogging, and every time I think about it I get slightly overwhelmed at what important thing to put as the "first" post. But shoot, this is my blog, I can say what I want, and it doesn't have to be monumental.

So, hello world.

I am back blogging, I miss it. I had to reset my password because I forgot it (which could have more to do with my faulty memory than the length of my hiatus...)

Over the past six months that I've been away, I feel like I've been "there and back again," as Bilbo Baggins would say. I became incredibly busy - too busy for my sanity - with running a conference, starting a company, doing research for my PhD, being an RA for my dorm, and trying to wedge some sleep in there.

Thankfully I have extricated myself back to a manageable lifestyle.

Life is good, and I look forward to sharing some of it with you again.

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  1. Umm, that's okay because I lost your blog (blame migration to windows 8) and found it again...