Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cleaned Out

I was away this weekend, and before I left I saw an email float by about "cleaning out the dorm, please label your stuff, yada yada, thank you please." I was caught up trying to get ready for my trip, and so I quickly forgot it.

I was only away for Friday - Monday, and I was visiting family who love me and couldn't care less WHAT I wear or look like, and so for such a short trip I decided to make packing an exercise in minimization. A challenge in packing light. An ode to efficiency!

Not really. I didn't get to do laundry, and I packed the morning I left.

So! A testament to procrastination, then!

In any case, I just brought a few clothes and the bare essentials in a small shoulder bag. I decided not to even bring shampoo/conditioner/soap, because again, I'm visiting family, and SURELY THEY HAVE SOME. (And indeed, they did.)

I got back from my travels at one in the morning, and collapsed into bed. This morning I groggily pulled myself to the dorm bathroom, and there was nothing there.

Nothing there.

No towel, no shower caddy, all my toiletries gone, my toothpaste! No toothpaste.

The housekeeping staff had gone through and completely tossed all bathroom items that weren't labeled. To their credit, they gave fair warning, and I should have heeded it, or sent an email that I was away, or something. Something. Save the toothpaste!

So now I stand there faced with trying to scrounge together items with which to make myself ready for the day. First up is the towel. Because I've recently moved, most of my belongings are still in boxes. So I gamely hunted around in my bathrobe with scissors in hand, trying to remember and open the box with the spare linens. I did manage to procure a spare towel, check.

Then, ironically, I pulled out the travel-sized shampoo and conditioner and soap bottles that I did NOT take on my trip, and used those for my shower. Sadly though I had used up my travel-sized facewash and toothpaste, and I didn't have extras. (I rinsed out my mouth and chewed an Altoid. For one day, I'll live. Don't judge.)

Post-shower, I took stock of what I had in my meager carryon from the weekend - not much. Small bottle of contact solution, that's good. And at least I saved my razor, which is good for all those who I play basketball with and must view my legs at close range...

Then I had a flash of relief - usually I take mini versions of everything when I travel, but for this trip I had fortunately brought the normal size of one item I use daily:

They took everything, but I STILL HAVE MY FULL SIZE TOOTHBRUSH.