Friday, June 22, 2012

For Lack of a Coupon

Today I am irritated because I can't find a $5.00 ExtraBucks coupon to CVS.

It's a silly thing, but it's driving me NUTS that I lost it.

1) I went through seventeen hoops at the end of May to get a transportation pass for June - World's Best School makes it so difficult. (You have to sign up online FIRST, two MONTHS ahead of time, and if you forget - then you have to come to this one room in the basement on this one day... We only take cash... did you sign up for July and August, online, which you must do before you can get June? Did you spin around and click your heels three times?) And then I lost that silly thing on June 4th. The FOURTH. And it's not replaceable - I have to wait until July to get another pass.

2) Because I've moved recently, most of my things are in boxes, and I feel all sorts of unsettled because I can't find the clothes I want when I want them.

3) My bathroom stuff got cleaned out, and so I lost all my toiletries I had stored there.

4) Last week before I left for travels, I put a lemon-blueberry tart in the office for my labmates to finish off. They said it was delicious, but somebody accidentally threw out the base plate it was on. That base plate was the bottom half of my springform pan. Gees! Silly men didn't recognize it wasn't disposable, and I didn't think to leave a note about it.

5) I can't find my research stuff half the time either, because our lab is on the "everything out in the middle of the room so you can't put your hands on anything" part of the cleanliness cycle.

6) My boyfriend is traveling, so I have lost him too - he's rather like Schrodinger's cat, I have no idea where or in what state he exists any given day... :)

Suffice to say, in general I am feeling all kinds of discombobulated.

I went to CVS to replace the bathroom stuff, and paid careful attention to make sure I got the coupon deal - buy $15 and get $5 ExtraBucks - and felt good I had saved some money.

I brought my stuff home, took it out of the CVS bags, and left the receipts and coupon in the bag.

And now today I can't find the bags. I only live in two rooms, so this shouldn't be that hard! What I think I did is unload the stuff in the bathroom, and my best guess is that I left the plastic bags on the counter and someone threw them out. Because how else did they dissappear? If I had tossed them or left them lying around, it would be in one of my rooms or one of my trash cans, and it's not.

Gah. In the end $5 is not that much, but I am just so irritated that I can't seem to keep things in order around here!

Ever have weeks where nothing seems to stay where you put it?

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  1. That happen :(

    a month and a half ago. I buy a mobile internet key: (put it in one line)

    I pay a special price for the key (around 68$) and my brother uses it (I'm the internet service provider for the family). now I receive my monthly bill and the key is charged again on my bill (99.95$ furthermore beside a royal lot of services which bring the invoice @ 350$ and which will be charged on my credit card tomorrow) so I have to find the invoice for the key in my boxes because I'm moving this month...

    life suck sometime.