Monday, May 2, 2011

Globetrotter Returns Home

Home again, home again. The year of 2011 is turning into the year of traveling - and just in the past month, I've been to Korea for a week, Turkey for three days, and Denmark for four days.

It's always so good to be back in your own bed. I got home from Copenhagen last night, stayed up to a reasonable hour to combat jet-lag, and today I'm back in the saddle. I have only one pair of clean underwear left, so tomorrow will have to be the day I get my house back in order, but today the plan is to get the office under control. Can only do so much at a time!

There's always things you miss when you are gone for a while. Today I am particularly grateful for the following:

- a full night's sleep, after a week of 7am-2am days
- simple yogurt and granola for breakfast, after heavy hotel breakfasts
- my own shampoo and conditioner and my favorite J&J baby lotion, after the funny-smelling amenities at the hotels
- listening to music, after constant meetings
- access to cell phone to hear the voices of people I miss, after a week of email-only contact with the U.S.
- worrying about mundane things and diving back into my comfort zone, after having to think high-level strategic thoughts and work through challenging growth

And, as a bonus, spring has arrived in Boston while I was gone! The trees and flowers have bloomed, the sun is out, the air smells fresh and new and flowery, and I am (gasp!) wearing a sandals and a skirt.

Life is good!

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