Thursday, May 12, 2011

Amusing Comments

It's well known in my office that I work on a lot of side projects. In fact, I take a lot of teasing for all the things I explore that are non-research-related.

Late last week a very large package arrived for me. I eagerly brought it into the office, scooting it across the floor. I grabbed a crowbar and attacked the crate, tearing off packaging and ripping through plastic. Soon I was surrounded by a pile of fluffy peanuts, discarded cords, and stretched out plastic wrap.

Triumphantly, I pulled out the central piece of equipment. "Look," I squealed, "how cool is THIS!"

One of my labmates sauntered by my cube, poked his head in, and inquired, "Oh is this another one of your side projects?" And from the next cube over, a voice piped up, "Yeah what are you working on now, Miss Outlier?"

Oh come on now, people! Does nobody believe I actually do research anymore? Give me some credit here! :)


I play basketball every week, and this week we picked up a couple new players. As I was running back across the court after a play, I noticed one of the new guys was chuckling with my teammate. When I glanced at them, my teammate offered up, rather embarrassedly:

"He says you distracted him on that last play, because you smell good." Well there's a new one!

"Yeah," piped up the new guy, "I'm sorry, I've never played basketball before with somebody who.... well, smells good!"

I laughed and took it as a compliment. Really it's my deodorant - normally you can't really smell it, but when I'm sweaty and blocking with my arms up, I guess you can! Way better than sweaty boy smell, I can guarantee. :)

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