Monday, January 24, 2011

PhD Committee Requests Sent

So I am pleased to announce that I completed my PhD proposal. It only took one more revision after the last time I thought I was done. :) It's not quite the same idea now as what I started with way back last January. It's close to the original idea, but the work I've done since then has narrowed the scope down - and thank goodness, I think I had enough work in the original proposal for three PhDs! The focus has also changed a bit, because the funding and grants that my advisor is involved in has shifted.

But it's done now. Six pages that say I plan to change the world, or something like that!

And I have officially asked my third committee member to be on my committee. In addition I sent an email with the final proposal to my second committee member - to update him on my progress, and confirm that he is still interested, given the slightly new direction. And honestly, to simply remind him! It's been a while since I talked to him... I've been a little slow...

I remember when I first read this blog post in March 2009, describing one woman's method of asking professors to be on her committee, from a blog that now doesn't exist anymore. I was studying for quals and finishing my Master's. I remember thinking that forming a PhD committee seemed so far in the future, and seemed so complicated.

Now, with the benefit of a little more experience in grad school, I suspect that SouthernGradGirl really did make it more complicated than necessary. :) But to each their own!

I just sent each professor an email, attaching my manageable length six-page proposal, and a clear succinct email with all relevant details. Very much like Blue Lab Coat's advice, actually!

The second committee member replied quickly, expressing interest and asking when my first committee meeting would be held. I'm waiting for the third member, but I suspect they will agree as well.

So, my goodness - I think that means I need to have a committee meeting! Onward!

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