Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3rd Year, 306th Post

Well, dear readers, I've made it to my third year of blogging.

First post was Jan 6th, 2009.

200th post was Jan 24th, 2010 (about science fiction movie night).

As a side note, this past Saturday night/Sunday morning I attended my third Annual Science Fiction Movie Marathon. As with previous years, I couldn't quite last the whole marathon, but I LOVED it as always! The lineup this year was: i, Robot, 12 Monkeys, pizza break!, XMen, XMen II, and Independence Day. I was tired after XMen, and I'd already seen XMen II, so I wimped out and went home. But one of the girls from my dorm floor stayed for the whole thing! I've got awesome residents in my RA job. :)

And this post is my 306th post (I flew right through 300 without noticing).

Since July of 2010, my top posts were Underwater Hockey (2,006 page views, mostly from Google searches), Straight On (521 page views),  Tape Measure CAD (159 page views), and Logo Design (147 page views). I've had either over 12,000 total page views since last July (via Blogger Stats), or just over 10,000 (via Google Analytics). [I think the discrepancy is Blogger counting myself viewing my own blog.]

Blogger tells me I have 35 followers, and Google tells me there are 83 people subscribed to my feed. That's a very tiny corner of the Internet, but it's my corner all the same. :)

I was struck the other day by how much I enjoy the simple act of writing down what's going on in my life. I was trying to remember my thoughts on a particular event (and goodness knows my memory fails me often these days, even on what HAPPENED, much less how I FELT about it) that occurred in 2008. I thought, well that's easy - let me just see what I blogged about it. But alas! No blog in 2008!

And I am also taking some credit for still posting, after over two years. I've never posted less than 4 times a month. My best months were Feb 2009 (23 posts) and Jan 2010 (22 posts). Laugh! Can you tell that I'm a student, and not as busy over winter break? :)

Every so often on Facebook I see friends excitedly announcing a new blog. Sometimes WordPress, or LiveJournal, but usually Blogger. I always subscribe in my Google RSS Reader, and I enjoy getting the updates. But inevitably, they last a couple months and then I hear nothing. Or they delete them altogether.

So I'm proud of myself for lasting this long. I'm no dooce, for sure, but goodness, why would I strive for that? I'm trying to get a PhD here! I'm content to simply resolve to continue blogging. I've got a long list of post subjects in reserve, and if I can find time to write each day I plan to put up a mix of subjects - research, social events and adventures, cooking.

If you write a blog, why do you keep doing it? Has it gone the way you expected, or are you surprised at where you are now?

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  1. I enjoy your blog a lot! keep up the good work. I am not a blogger, mainly because I know I would let my blog fall by the wayside too quickly, but I do enjoy reading