Friday, July 23, 2010

Roast Chicken Part III

Well even after making Chicken Divan from my roast chicken, I still had leftovers. Next up was a recipe for Minced Chicken on Toast.

Now, mushrooms are one of the few ingredients I don't care for. That and tomatoes. But now that I'm watching my calories AND getting fresh farm ingredients every week, I've had to rethink my dislikes. Because mushrooms and tomatoes come in large quantities from a farm, are healthy, low calorie, and nutritious.

I am determined to make them delicious as well.

Ah, butter! That makes everything taste fantastic. And bacon. But I couldn't work that into this recipe (next time, my friends). Sautee green onions and mushrooms, and then chop up the leftovers:

I guess technically I was supposed to "mince," since it is Minced Chicken on Toast, but in actuality I don't know how mincing is any different than chopping. So I just make very small pieces, and call it a day. I also don't use toast, so just call me a rebel like that.

Add some of the white sauce I had on hand, to add creaminess and bind the elements together.

As a side note, I fondly remember cooking with my dad while I was growing up. There were a few dishes my family ate that were specifically my dad's. Those included double cruncher cookies, brownies, any sort of grilled item, and eggs a la goldenrod. The egg dish calls for white sauce, and I remember we had a falling-apart Betty Crocker cookbook with a recipe for white sauce. I learned to make it with my dad - and was always amazed at how the simple ingredients combined.

I was also amazed that mine always had lumps and Dad's didn't. Fortunately nobody cared.

This is toast. Doesn't look like it? Well it is. When I don't have toast on hand, I look at the package of rolls, and call it toast.

You know, I have to be honest. This was a simple, filling meal but it wasn't my favorite. Maybe it was the mushrooms? I just wasn't used to the taste. Also I think I needed a bit more white sauce to make a better filling - it was too dry, needed to be more like chicken salad consistency.

I say, next time, more butter.


  1. Next time, you could try adding extra-virgin olive oil and bacon, with pasta instead of toast. Much better! Oh, and cracked pepper of course.

  2. It looks delicious!

    I only have started to get into mushrooms and tomatoes the last couple years. Now I cravveeee tomatoes (not mushrooms so much, although I'll add them when something feels like it needs a "filler" and I don't want to add meat)