Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Roast Chicken Part II

One of the cookbooks I use pretty often is called The Pleasures of Cooking For One. I particularly like the chicken recipes. My first attempt at making a whole roast chicken in January was a rousing success. But although I could NEARLY eat a whole chicken in just a couple sittings (it's that good), eating chicken just straight gets a little old.

But happily, the cookbook gives you multiple choices for leftovers. The next recipe is for Chicken Divan.

You start with a bed of steamed broccoli.

Add a sprinkle of feta cheese.

Then whip up some white sauce, with a dash of vegetable broth (mine was pink from beets!).

Add in leftover chicken, with some scraps tucked in the sides.

Top with the cream sauce and another sprinkle of cheese, and pop under the broiler to toast it all together...

And whala voila! Chicken Divan, or: Roast Chicken Take Two!


  1. I am not sure if you are using "whala" in irony or if it's a legitimate misspelling, but I am making it my goal in life to correct everyone every time I see it spelled like this (or wah-lah or wala or any other Franglish variant). Whala actually means to lash or to thrash, and while lashing your chicken may be entertaining.... I am pretty sure you mean voila.

    Sorry to be a total jerk, but I see this mistake everywhere and I've decided if I was going through life butchering a word, I'd want someone to tell me so I could correct it for the future. :)

  2. Let's not be thrashing anything (or butchering, for that matter). Thanks for the correction! :)