Thursday, July 8, 2010


Last fall I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture, which basically means you buy a share of a farm's harvest). It allowed me to make all sorts of yummy things I wouldn't have made otherwise. It stopped for the winter eventually, but I went ahead signed up for the next year.

And now the harvest is here! Every Friday I pick up my load of fruits and veggies. I'm loving it.

The first week we got a lot of dill, so I made cheddar dill biscuits. And dill carrots, and dilly potatoes. Then we got kohlrabi, which is a funny looking vegetable if I ever saw one. Maybe even funnier than fennel.

I made a coleslaw with that, by shredding it with cabbage and carrots and turnips and garlic scapes. Oh yeah - garlic scapes:

Those are apparently the curly things that grow out of garlic bulbs, above ground. They taste like garlic, look like green onions. They also taste good in slaw. With a dill mayonnaise sauce.

Last week we got THREE POUNDS of cucumbers. (That's why we had cucumber salad at my 4th of July party.... with dill).

And the fruit! Fresh picked strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. Yum!

This week I am told we have a choice of herbs. We can either have basil, or.. wait for it.... dill.

I'm a little dillied out. But fresh basil? With a bit of mozarella, tomatoes, and balsamic vineagar? Yes please. Bring on the harvest!

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