Sunday, February 7, 2010

Room Layout

I've been meaning to do a post for a while on my room. I've told you that I got a job with free rent, and I've told you that I like my room to reflect my taste, so here you go - the living arrangements of a PhD student in an undergrad dorm.

So come in, come in - the above picture is what you see when you are standing in the hallway.

If you walk in and look to the left, you see that beyond the table on the other half of the room is my bed. Yes, I only get one room, so I have to do what I can with it....

See I put the desk in the middle of the room, to sort of separate the kitchen/dining half from the sleeping/TV half. I went to visit a grad student friend of mine once in California, and he also only had a one-room apartment. He joked that he needed signs to put up - here is kitchen, here is office, here is bedroom. It may look like one room, people, but work with me here! See the vision!

They put me in a room that would be an undergraduate double - but I get the whole thing. So instead of just one dresser and closet, I get two dressers and two closets W00t!

They did modify the room, though, it's not exactly an undergrad double. They added a kitchenette along one wall. I am thrilled that I get a fridge, sink, countertop, cabinets, etc. No dishwasher, but hey - I"ll take it! It's enough to cook with, and that makes me a happy girl.

Here is the "living" half of my room. My bed is not made, and I thought about fixing that for a moment before I took the picture. But, my bed is never made - so I figured I'd stay true to reality. I have found that I have no use for sheets. A fitted sheet and a comforter is all I need, and I have no patience for smoothing out a bedspread every morning. So it pretty much always looks like this.

I'd like to point out here those two dark brown benches. Those get a lot of use - they are storage benches, so I keep my scarves in one, and my extra sheets in the other. When my girls come in for "study breaks" (read: free food), I always run out of room around the table, so the girls make themselves comfortable on the benches. My grandmother sent me Christmas money last year, and that's what that present bought. Thanks, Mama Lou!

As you leave, you see the standard hallway of your standard dorm - full of my girls, the best any RA could want! Take a cookie on your way out (actually this week it's banana muffins, but I usually stock goodies of some sort...) and have a good day!


  1. Your room looks a lot better than many studio/efficiency apartments I've seen! Gorgeous!


  2. Nice! You've done a good job of separating the bedroom from the rest of the area (better than I have managed to do in my own studio apartment)

    I find it funny that you don't use a fitted sheet, that would drive me nuts, I need to be all tucked in!