Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I love plants. I used to be a horticulture major, actually, before I became an engineer. I realized I liked gardening more as a hobby, and less as a career. But I do my best to keep green things around. For instance, my windowsill in my room looks like this at the moment:

It's much more colorful in the summer, as unfortunately I do not have things which flower all year long. But happily, look!

Tulips! Beautiful! My loving family sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. Thank you! Seeing these made me happy every time I looked around.

I split them up into two vases, so I could have one at home on my table, and one to take to my office. Because did I mention, my office windowsill looks like this:

See? Plants everywhere. I would also like to show off this beautiful vase my brother got me for Christmas: 

The colors, the shading, lovely! It wasn't the right shape for the tulips, but I will find a chance to use it. This summer I have signed up again for a farm share, and this year I am getting a share of vegetables, fruit, AND flowers. I can't wait.

Yay for color and a reminder of home during the dreary winter!


  1. I love plants, but I tend to kill ones in my apartment :( Maybe your green-thumbness can wear off on me someday

  2. The only plants I have are aloe plants, and those only because if I put them in a shady place and don't water them for two months, they'll still be alive, albeit a bit dry. I, too, am impressed by your green-thumbness.