Sunday, January 3, 2010


Author's Note: This is quite late in posting, but I'm trying to get all the posts I have as "drafts" finished and published.

I was a Star Trek yeoman for Halloween - little blue dress and tricorder, yessiree.

I had three places to go with this costume. First was a costume reception on Friday held by the Mechanical Engineering department at World's Best School. People there loved my costume - and almost everybody knew right away what I was. In fact another person was a Vulcan (complete with ears and eyebrows), so I was in good company.

Then on actual Halloween day, Saturday, I had been invited to two different friend's parties. The first one was in World's Best School campus housing, and a bunch of my classmates were in attendance. Here, also, my costume got high marks.

Then later in the evening, a couple friends and I traveled all the way across town (I had been promised chocolate cake, so I had incentive...) to meet my other friends. In the midst of your standard witches, pirates, and ghosts, I think I was the only one who had a costume that wasn't bought straight off a store rack. All I got here were quizzical looks, and nobody recognized who  I was supposed to be.

So apparently, the success of a StarTrek costume is heavily dependent on location and an appropriately appreciative audience (say that three times fast).

One might even say, it's an inverse square law.... :) Ah, if the tricorder fits...

Figure: Me with costume hair, although not costume dress

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