Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apple Pie in an Iron Skillet

Recipe orginally from here.

It starts, as all good recipes do, with butter and sugar.

Add in freshly picked and sliced apples and let that simmer away:

While that's boiling and softening and generally becoming awesome, you mix up the batter to pour over the top. Pop the whole creation in the oven (that's the beauty of the cast iron, ahem), and 20 minutes later you get:

Ah, see, my mouth is watering now just REMEMBERING how good this was. Yum.

Not medical-study-diet approved, but fantastically satisfying nonetheless. Fortunately I had plenty of help to eat it from the girls on my floor, so I wasn't "stuck" with all the leftovers...

Definitely a keeper recipe.

Figure: the only piece I was able to eat, and picture I was able to snap before a hungry flock of girls descended

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