Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eggnog Bread

Last year (2008) I made mini cranberry bread loaves for people here at World's Best School as holidays gifts - my advisor, the secretary, the shop guys, the graduate student admin head, and one big loaf for the lab to share. The little loaves were a big hit, so this year (2009) I wanted to do the same thing. I was going to make cranberry bread again, but at the last moment I thought, "Oh gees what if they remember that I ALREADY made cranberry bread? What if they think I can't make ANYTHING ELSE?"

It's like getting dressed on Sunday morning, and you think - ah shoot, I wore this dress to church last week. Everybody will notice if I wear the same thing, because you know I stand right in the front pew.

When really, think about it, can YOU remember what the other ladies wore last Sunday? Of course you can't.

So I thought, well that's dumb. They don't care what kind of bread it is, people just like to eat.

But by then I had already chosen another non-cranberry recipe and gotten ingredients. So, silly paranoia or not, here is my Eggnog bread (recipe here).

This was my personal loaf, which was gone embarrassingly quickly.... 

See? Already another piece gone. :)

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