Friday, December 4, 2009

Logo Design

I am taking a course in starting a company, and it is going really well. It's on my list to do a post about the progress soon.

But this week in that class we gave a presentation of our business plan to a panel, including a venture capitalist. I thought it would be good to have a professional-looking logo to use in the presentation, so that it looked like we were official. It turns out we are changing our company name anyway, so the logo is a moot point in the end.

But I had fun being creative - I used Adobe Illustrator to come up with several logo designs. Our business idea involves using sensors placed at strategic locations to take data. So, the dots in all these designs are meant to symbolize either/both sensor nodes connected to other sensor nodes, or data points on a trendline.

Which one do you like best? I have my own opinions, of course. The first one is what I went with.

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the logos - it's actually the simplest logos that work the best. Surprisingly, simpler things are harder to design than complicated-looking things. Also keep in mind that logos have to be easily understood from a distance, work just as well in grayscale, and be easily transferred to business cards, letter head, website, and embroidery on shirts.


  1. First followed closely by the second. the rest don't look like trends and the dot don't seem to have much meaning to me.

    A. Lurker

  2. I really likes #s 2 and 4.

    P.S. this is awesome!

  3. jumping on the band wagon here and saying number 2. definitely