Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wide World of Web 2.0

A classmate just informed me that our professor tweeted about my presentation of my class project this week.

I am not sure how I feel about this new development.

I suppose as long as nobody is tweeting that I'm doing a crappy job of something, I'm okay...

How does the internet feel? Is it not odd that professors now have tweet streams? Is it not odd that a professor will reference the student's project? Does this not cause the students who did NOT get mentioned to need therapy? Or is this social networking bit a reality I need to get used to?


  1. Well, in the lab I worked in, the leader of the pack was Michelle Dawson, an autistic researcher, whose blog is , she also tweet at , she run a very successful board (no I'm not manually typing the url...) and finally, she published a number of scientific article despite never having studied in an university.

    I was second by my ability to custom build a Linux box from scratch, I also used to blog but then I was not good enough for my tastes. Maybe I'll blog again someday.

    the rest of the lab didn't blog, tweet or used web 2.0 all that much.

    trailing the pack was the PI who was more successful getting more than 3 000 000$ in grants than trying to configure the university proxy system to access research publications at home...

    Autistic Lurker (used to be Lurker but then, I've noted there where too many people using the same nick so I changed)

  2. I like it as long as I can control it and keep my blog stuff separate from my "me" stuff. For example, I will leave this comment with one Gmail ID, but it won't show up as a profile, but if I were to do it with my blog ID, it would take you to my blog profile and my blog. So long as I can keep my two worlds separate and my identity safe, I'm a big fan of social technology.