Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ship Graphic

I may not have mentioned this on the blog yet, but I really enjoy doing graphics work. I like design, and being creative, and I dabble in Photoshop and Illustrator and Quark. I used to do a lot more graphic design types of things when I had more time, but now I only get around to it occasionally.

Flying home from the conference I attended, I had no internet access (what did we do before there were and email to kill time?) and I had already finished my book. For a project I had in mind, I needed a ship graphic in .eps format. So I played around in Illustrator and drew a ship.

But then I realized I needed the image to be small, so this was too busy. Plus the lines weren't straight (I didn't have my beloved Wacom pad to draw on). So when I got home, I tried again.

This one I think looks cleaner, the proportions are better, and the overall image will scale down with more clarity.

Yay for creative outlets. Now if only I can squeeze in time to finish the project I needed the ship for...


  1. wow---I have no idea how you did that, but it is pretty amazing. Next time I need a logo or image for my blog, I am definitely writing you an email. :)

  2. Dear Melinda,
    Hi! It's Caroline! I know that this is random, but Mama Lou send me this website and I decided to check it out!
    That boat is awesome.
    Oh, by the way... I read the section below- i agree. You are special! :-) This is also random- do you know what internet "trolling" is? I hear the term alot. See you in Oklahoma (or sooner!):-)
    One last thing- I have to go by "Anonymous." I don't seem to fall under any other catergory.

  3. thanks for your comment! it's funny that we've been hitting the same cities, I actually live outside of boston now! I like this graphic a lot, can I offer one small thought? something about the proportions make it look like it's both heading towards me AND away from me. but maybe it's just me and my eyesight!