Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lab Equipment Taking Over

This week one member of our lab was much busier than usual. It was a real crunch. Emails between lab people were flying back and forth, trying to schedule working time and negotiate schedules.

Finally, the most senior member of our lab threw up his hands and sent out a link to a Google calendar. "Here," he said, "I've added everybody to the permissions, and this calendar will be the definitive say on who has time when."

So, my readers, the lab chiller now has a Google calendar. Too many people were trying to use this piece of equipment at once (it's a machine that chills water for use in experiments).

So now, a piece of our equipment is now more computer savvy than I am. More connected. More Web 2.0.

All it needs now is a Facebook page - but I'm afraid my lab equipment might have more friends than I do. :)

1 comment:

  1. We have several pieces of lab equipment that have their own goodle calender. It works very well I think.

    Our flow cytometer certainly is more popular than I am though, judging by its busy social schedule!