Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spate of Good Things

Life is being a darling to me today. I just have to share!

1) My total of RA interview requests is now up to 11. This amount, I have been told, is extraordinary. Competition is quite high for these jobs (ahem, free rent) and most people only get two or three interviews. Most people who are current RAs had to apply for a year or two in a row before they got a spot. So, yeah, I'm flattered all these kiddoes think I'm such hot stuff. :)

I've had quite a few interviews, with quite a few left to go. I'm getting better at them as I go - which stories to tell, how to answer tougher questions on depression and alcohol policy. I am confident I will get at least two offers. I have my favorite dorm so far, of course, and I'm hoping for that one - but really, I am excited any way it turns out!

2) I got to see an NBA game on Sunday. Woot! It was SO close, within a few points the whole game. Home team lost, but it wasn't for lack of cheering...

3) I have finished screening and been accepted into a research medical study. Doesn't take much effort on my part, and it pays out five grand over two years. Got a $700 check just for making it through screening. Can we say vacation money? Have to keep from spending it on those Craftsman tools I've had my eye on...

4) I was nomianted for both President and Chair of the Halls for next year in my current dorm. Of course, I plan to be an RA next year, so that's not going to happen. But I was flattered I was nominated for both those things - it's nice to be appreciated!

5) I have only two more sets of experiments to go before I have collected all the data I will need for my thesis.

6) I shot my first round in archery above 40 (out of 50) yesterday. Bull's eye three times out of five arrows!

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