Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Bits I can't quite make a post out of

- I applied last month to be an RA in the undergrad dorms here at World's Best School. RAs here are grad students living in the dorms, and are expected to be part mentor, part academic tutor, and a huge part social help. These are really competitive positions because the rent is free. It's hard to get even an interview - and I got three! Woohoo! Wish me luck...

- I officially turned in my application to take the qualifying exams for the PhD program in May. Yikes. These usually require about three months to study for, and in my department of Mechanical Engineering, the pass rate on the first attempt is usually 50%. You get two chances at the exam, and if you fail twice you just have to leave with your Masters. The girl who was supposed to room with me this year is now in Texas - because she failed twice. No pressure or anything there.

The exam is two parts - a research presentation (usually on your Masters project) and exam questions in three subjects of your choice. There is a list of question topics you can choose from, because the powers-that-be realize nobody can answer PhD level questions in every area of MechE. My specialty is machine design and manufacturing, so my choice of topics is Design, Manufacturing, and Control Systems. I've already taken all the reccomended classes to prepare, so now I just have to get my head in gear and start studying. Wish me luck, again!

- I have been elected Treasurer of G.A.M.E. - the Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers. My mother and her whole side of the family are accountants, and I've learned a lot through that. I also took an accounting class for fun once, so I feel like I can handle the simple debit/credit entries required for a student club... Should be fun, and has the added bonus that being more involved in the club means I get to know all the MechE students better over the course of the term.

- I am having a blast in archery class. Except that, if you don't hold your elbow in the correct position, the string snaps the inside of your arm. You can wear an arm guard, but I figured it doesn't hurt that much, and I'd learn the correct position quicker if I didn't. But I forgot that I have a really high pain tolerance. So to me, what "doesn't hurt much" leaves a lovely purple bruise up the inside of my bow arm. Couple that with where I gave blood and they had to stick me several times, and people are starting to ask questions. I'm not sure if I should say my boyfriend's beating me, or pass it off as track marks...

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  1. "boyfriend's beating me, or pass it off as track marks"