Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last month I was nominated for a fellowship - which is an exciting thing, as it means I get money with very few strings attached. The ones you have to be nominated for are often better than the open-to-the-public ones, so I was psyched. I was of course notified that I was nominated in plenty of time - as in, I had a full 24 hrs. How helpful. Because yes, I keep essays and a CV just waiting my desk.

I guess I should have had an updated CV - that's one of those things the career service people hyperventilate over trying to get you to do.

I did manage to get a convincing application in by the deadline (half hour early, even, score!). Today I got an e-mail regarding the fellowship, which said:

"The Dean for Graduate Education has notified me that you were selected to receive the DZL Fellowship.  They were very impressed by your application and nomination; however, I guess they receive many nominations and it was quite difficult to make the choice.

Thank you for your patience."

Wait, now, hold on - however? What's up with however? And no congratulations?

I sent an e-mail back to confirm, and it turns out they missed an all-important "not" in the original e-mail - the fellowship went to someone else. Gees, people, and here I was planning the celebratory glass of red wine I was going to have at home.

On second thought, I might have to revise that plan to include two glasses now. I mean, I was planning to have just one. Not!


  1. ...

    Geezus. Something like that chance to get it right ... and they phuck it up.

    Actually, they probably had many chances to get it right. I wonder how many others got the same 'incorrect' award--not..!! letter.

    I hope you enjoyed the wine.


  2. Oh, sheesh!!! That "not" makes all the difference!!!!

    I'd say this calls for the bottle

  3. oh man, how stupid and annoying.

    Just found your blog via Candid Engineer and am loving it