Friday, January 16, 2009

Because Why Not

Classes I want to take:

- Martial arts

- Ballroom dancing

- Painting

- Pilates

- Massage

- Pistol shooting

- Graphic arts

- Sailing

- Crew

- Archery

- Fencing

- Rock climbing

Things I want to do for six months each:

Maybe when I am done with my PhD, I can take a year or two off and work these jobs...

- Cross-country truck driver

- Short order cook

- Masseuse

- Bartender

- Landscaper

- Pastry chef

- Step aerobics class teacher

- Painter

and then when I'm done with all that

- Retail worker for an up-scale clothing store (I'm thinking Banana Republic - because that's about as upscale as this grad student gets...) so I can buy my work wardrobe for the real world

What would you do for six months, internet?


  1. I would travel, find long-lost Italian relatives, work for a thoroughbred trainer, drive cross-country, learn Swedish and Norwegian (always wanted to give that Rosetta stone thing a try)... and photograph every bit of my adventures...

  2. Live in Tibet. Or maybe Nepal. Or Papua New Guinea. Seriously, I would love to live somewhere totally outside my culture and comfort zone for 6 can always go back home again.