Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have been inspired by the new year to begin a blog. I find myself in a very exciting time in my life, and I want to collect my memories to enjoy. I also find communication and writing skills to be much more important than I expected in graduate school. In that spirit, I hope to use a blog to practice gathering my thoughts and presenting them clearly.

So Internet, Miss Outlier - Miss Outlier, Internet.

"Three sigma" is a manufacturing concept used to control processes, a concept that I am intimately familiar with. If any data point lies farther than three standard deviations from the mean, it is considered an outlier and problematic. This is perfect - I am problematic. 

I am currently writing up my Master's thesis in Mechanical Engineering at World's Best School, after which I will be a PhD candidate. Right now I am still quite green, in fact so young I often forget when I see flashing lights that yes, I am legal now. But I plan to make the most of my years as a graduate student, because I am quite convinced that I will be old when I am done, and I refuse to be older without being wiser.


  1. Welcome! Looking forward to what you have to say.

    Nothing wrong with being problematic. Oh, wait, my husband would say otherwise.

  2. yay! welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. ...
    hey there...

    let me add my own 'welcome'...

    Had you been commenting as 'outlier' over at scienceblogs previously..?? I swear I have seen this 'name' before.

    I will not tell you that 'three sigma' came and went years ago at my 'big hospital' place of employment. Seems like every few years the latest buzz-phrase swirls (a carefully chosen word) through the hospital-management industry. Most never to be seen again, as all well-behaved swirls should be...

    Again, nice to see you dive into the deep-end ...OK, maybe stick a toe or three in the blogging pool..!!