Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Moment I Think That...

The moment I think that...

...I am losing all my eyelashes, I realize my new mascara is the "tube" kind and is designed to wash off in clumps.

...I cannot possibly eat another lentil, ever, I realize that four cups was just TOO MANY lentils for one person.

...I should be proud of myself for making it to the gym, I realize that the tiny girl next to me is using double my weights.

...I have done the right thing by renting a ZipCar truck to haul stuff, I realize that thunderstorms are coming in and I'll have to squeeze everything in the cab of the truck after all.

...I am being frugal by buying a bus ticket on sale, I realize I selected the wrong date and must pay a $4 change fee.

...I deserve a pat on the back for making it through a stressful day, I realize I am incredibly blessed that these are the sorts of the problems I am dealing with! :)

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