Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is Here!

Whew, deep breath!


I am so glad to be finished with the semester. The last month of school was really busy, and a bit stressful. I feel like I kept on top of everything I was SUPPOSED to do, and all the PROJECTS I was working on, but I had no time for all the little things to pamper myself. And I don't need a lot of pampering, but a month or so without the little stress relievers adds up.

So now, dear readers, I have:

- cleaned my kitchen
- backed up my hard drive
- changed my computer wallpaper
- painted my toenails
- reorganized my closet with summer clothes
- uploaded pictures from my camera
- bought new plants to replace last year's annuals
- exercised for a solid hour
- watched an NBA game
- spent a day outside in the sun
- ate an entire bar of Dove chocolate

And I am back among the living. And the blogging.

I can't wait to share what's been going on in life more regularly. I've been doing some cool stuff, and more cool stuff is coming up. This summer is going to be awesome! Let it begin -

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