Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Desktop Wallpaper Design

I like beautifully designed things. I like my room to be well-designed. I enjoy graphic design. I can appreciate the design of logos.

I also like my computer background to be well designed. Given a choice, I'd like to look at something beautiful every day, and since I spend the majority of my time on the computer, you bet I care what the background is. And I just wanted to share with you the absolute best place I have found for desktop wallpapers.

If you just do a Google Image search for backgrounds, you get a bunch of ridiculous stuff. None of it beautiful. None of it inspiring. Just a vast, VAST quantity that you have to pick through. And if you want FREE wallpaper, forget ever finding a gem. I don't have time for that.

But. BUT. Enter Smashing Magazine.

Smashing Magazine is a blog dedicated to design, particularly on the web. I read it regularly through my Google RSS feed. And every month they invite designers to submit wallpapers. There is a review process, so that you get good quality in the final roundup. Designers get to be featured, and everybody wins.

Check HERE.

I love that it's a monthly feature - because every month is just about the point I get tired of looking at the same thing and want something new. And I love that it has a calendar if you want it - I like having the month at a glance (if only so I can keep track of how fast the days fly by...). And I love that there are such a wide variety of styles. I try to pick a different style, or different mood, each month.

Given that I was so busy in May, I haven't gotten around to changing my wallpaper since April. Ack! As part of my summer "pampering," I'm digging the cute, playful style of this one:


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  1. Just in time! I agree with you wallpapers tend to get very stale very fast. I love this and thanks for the referral, now I will have a new place for new wallpapers every month.