Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blue Lagoon

While in Iceland, after the conference was over the organizing team did some sightseeing. One of the places we went was to the natural hot springs.

Figure: Ah, relaxation...

It was a little surreal. We took a bus out to the middle of nowhere, shivered in our winter coats while we hiked over a moon-like landscape of lava, and then suddenly came upon this tourist attraction built around this lake. They have dressing rooms where you can change (and everyone is required to strip naked and shower in the communal locker room before going to the water - such an odd European thing...). Then you have to run, run, run the short distance from the lockers outside to the water, and gratefully scamper into the warm water.

Figure: And when I say warm water, I do mean steaming...

The water is filled with silica, so it's no longer clear, it's a robin's-egg-blue color. You can't see the bottom, but the mud on the bottom is supposed to be good for your skin. We tried it. Some of us. Most of the boys scoffed at it.

Figure: See, I'm so white you can't even tell I'm wearing any mud...

All in all, an excellent way to unwind. And since it was paid for by the conference, it's no wonder we are smiling.... :)

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