Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bits and Pieces

- Guess who won the lab NCAA bracket pool? Huh? Yes, that'd be ME! What a clincher on Monday night.... Too bad there wasn't money at stake, only pride. But as it is I get a nice supply of bragging rights. :)

- I cheated last night and watched an hour of TV while I was grading. But then I realized it was taking me 20 minutes to grade each paper - so I had only gotten three done! I turned the TV off, put on some music, and starting whipping out grading at the rate of ten minutes each. See, I KNEW TV was making me less efficient.... Only ten papers left to grade for that assignment!

- On Monday I spent the day working in the machine shop. I learned how to program a CNC lathe, and I machined a Venturi tube out of PVC. Cool stuff! I always forget how much I like actually MAKING things, as opposed to working at a desk or on homework. (Or, ahem, grading...)

1 comment:

  1. Speaking as someone who likes designing things but lacks practice, and likes the idea of building things but never has, I was wondering when you first started doing mech eng/building type stuff. Have you always loved to build things, or was it a skill that you learned at some point?