Thursday, October 1, 2009

Journal Papers

I am pleased to announce that my very first journal paper (I am a co-author, not the first author) has made it past the review process and been accepted for publication. In a good journal, too. (At least, I think it is - impact factor of 2.4 - whatever that means. I'm having to learn the lingo here...)

And also, another paper on which I am second author has just been submitted to a journal for review. It's too early to hear back yet, but I have high hopes!

Look at that - one of these days I may see my name in print! Miss Outlier, published author... I like it.


  1. Congrats. You can do some googling to get a sense for impact factors. Here are the top 100 journals from 2007.

  2. Congratulations! When my first article was published I sent it to every family member and friend that I have. I'm pretty sure only my Dad read it, but maybe a few others at least glanced at it. Also, in addition to Google, you can look up impact factors for all journals on Web of Science.

  3. Congrats, it's always nice to see your name in print!