Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stages in Life

For the past three years or so, all of my undergrad friends have been having a marriage explosion. The majority of people I knew in undergrad are now married. Every other week, it seems, another Facebook album of a beautiful wedding is posted. I am thrilled for them all (except the one girl who married the jerk none of us likes, but really, there had to be one of those in every hundred, right?).

I remember when my four other best girl friends in college and I would be hanging out on the weekends, wondering if we would EVER. FIND. a BOYFRIEND. And now one of those friends just celebrated her first anniversary, and another just moved in with her boyfriend.

I feel like I have just gotten used to this new state of affairs. And THEN, my friends have started springing THIS on me:

(My college roomate's wee one)


(My labmate's first child)

And part of me wants to say, how old does this mean I am getting now? TWO of my friends have wives pregnant with the SECOND child. Gack!

But how can I stay upset when I keep looking at these sweet cheeks:

(Childhood friend's bouncing baby girl)

So go forth, friends! Procreate! I gladly let you all take the next step in life. Because I get to hold and cuddle the precious little bundles, and then I get to GIVE THEM BACK. :)


  1. I'm starting to have friends who either had children recently, or are talking about wanting to have children soon. It kind of freaks me out... if I'm not old enough for children, how are they?!

  2. Hahaha! I have kids who are older and I too love giving them back. Its fantastic!