Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Graduate Class List

At the end of Spring '11, I shall have taken all classes required for my entire life.

Major: Machine Design

1 Precision Machine Design
2 Product Design
3 Control Systems
4 Advanced Control Systems
5 Manufacturing
6 Manufacturing Control Systems
7 Mechatronics
8 Development of Mechancial Products
9 Invention
10 Mechanical Assemblies
11 Design and Fabrication of MEMS

Minor: Entreprenuership

1 New Enterprises
2 Entreprenuership
3 Innovation

I am not sure what life might be like without classes. Will there by any need at all for three ring binders? With no homework, will my pencils dissolve? Is there still chocolate in a world with no tests?

1 comment:

  1. That looks really awesome! Seriously, I'm jealous of your course list. I'm hoping we get a mechatronics tech elective here in time for me to take it before I finish my undergrad.

    There is probably still chocolate without tests, but possibly less of a need to count chocolate brownies in units of "trays" instead of "pieces".