Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chile Pea Puffs

I have been doing my best for the past few months to eat in a healthy manner. This is especially easy as summer comes around and fresh fruit and veggies are in season.

I've never been to the Farmer's Market here in the city, but I've heard it's excellent and I will eventually make it over there.

In the meantime, I have ventured into the Korean market closer to home. I don't know the name of this shop, (it's in Korean), and it's a little intimidating because none of the food packages are in English. But I armed myself with recommendations from friends of mine, a little guesswork, and some help from the kindly shop owner.

My first dish is Chile Pea Puffs, which I realize is not really Korean but it requires wonton wrappers and chiles, so for me that counts as international.

I had a lot of fun with the assembly process:

And the end result was pretty tasty. Yum! I am finding that I really like things with spices in them. Things with more flavor are easier to eat in small portions, and way more appetizing than the standard blob of rice and cooked chicken.

So here's to healthy, satisfying food, and to wandering around looking lost in the Korean market -

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  1. Next time, you should try making your own wrapper dough! I find it really quite relaxing to roll it out.