Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RIP Laptop Case

I have had my current MacBook laptop since I started grad school in 2007 (thanks, Dad!). It has served me very, very well. The only thing that has ever gone wrong is that the battery gave out after three years and I had to replace it.

But I take it with me EVERYWHERE. It is attached to my hip. Home, lab, office, class, I am never more than 15 feet away from my computer. It is the last thing I check at night, and the first thing I check in the morning (is that healthy? maybe not, but that's another post...).

I always keep the laptop in a hardsided case, to protect it. And the laptop has now officially outlasted the case. I figured the case had given up the ghost when it reached the point that I started finding bits of case peeled off and scattered around my bed and desk.

But you know what? All that damage to the case, means it was damage NOT done to my computer.

You know what I also found? Because the model MacBook I have was discontinued years ago, there are only a meager few options left for hardsided cases on Amazon. But hey, I found a replacement, and I dearly hope I can get a new laptop before another four years has gone by and the NEW case gives out. :)

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