Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Events of 2010

My mother has given me lots of good advice over the years. For instance, she told me I should keep a log of medical things - when I get checkups, flu shots, dental appointments, eye doctor visits. It's been invaluable, especially for me who is not so good at remembering details. Always seems dumb at the time - as in, surely I will remember that I got a new prescription for my glasses, why must I write this down? But then later, while trying to remember - did I get my teeth cleaned in 2009 or 2008? - I'm always glad I took the time to write down seemingly obvious notes.

My mother also told me that I should keep a list of the major events that happen each year.

My mother is big on organization and lists - can you tell?

This also I thought seemed like a waste of time. Of course I will remember that I went to Iceland in 2010. Why should I write that down? Actually that's not a fair example, because on that trip I took a snowmobile up a mountain to an erupting volcano. Hard to forget that one.

But how about remembering the other trips I went on? Or what classes I took this year? Or where I lived? (Yes, yes, I write down where I lived each year. This is an HISTORICAL record, people. How many of you remember where you lived every year? Anyone? Anyone? Okay, maybe that's only me that has trouble with that.... details, details my brain is not so good at....)

I might remember major events now, but five years from now I might also like to remember. And I guarantee that information won't be in my memory bank anymore.

So I keep a list. I've been doing it for three years now. I have Word documents, titled "Events of 2008," "Events of 2009," and today I just finished writing "Events of 2010." I add to the documents as I go over the year, so the task is less daunting in December.

It's my own personal accounting of my life that year, a way to look back and remember the awesome times. And perhaps the not-so-awesome. Either way, every year when I do this I feel incredibly blessed. I am healthy, living in a place I love, doing things I enjoy doing, and finding time for trips and adventures along the way.

I hope your 2010 was just as blessed, and that your 2011 will be even better!

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