Monday, June 8, 2009

Studying is Good for the Waistline

This year I have been enrolled in a medical study, and I've been given all sorts of tools to help me eat healthier. I was fed healthy food for a month, which was lovely, and now I have been given a Palm Pilot loaded with software to record my meals (which then can show me my calories and nutrition info for each day), and I have a nutritionist assigned to help me integrate good choices about food into my regular habits.

I also do a ridiculous amount of walking, not having a car. And finally, I've been working really hard this semester and studying tends to not leave much time for going out for rich meals and desserts.

Also as part of this medical study I get a very fancy scale with which to measure my weight once a week.

But for my own curiosity, I've been weighing myself daily. And being the data-driven person I am, it's impossible to have a data set and not be able to graph it. So beginning on April 1st this year:

But then, what fun is that? Much more interesting:

What interests me with this is that it looks like I'm going to settle out at just above 160, which is what I was before I started undergrad. But more importantly, I FEEL better. I'm sleeping better (of course, that could be because of no longer worrying about graduating...) and I have more energy, and I'm satisfied with eating less food.

And hey, just in time for swimsuit season doesn't hurt either...

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  1. Really cool, way to go. You can see why they tell people not to weigh themselves everyday- people who don't understand noise would just get depressed.