Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sports Brackets

I am fortunate to work in a social lab where I have friends. We hang out and do social things, celebrate birthdays and special events.

We also get into sports.

My family has always been a basketball family - my grandfather was a basketball coach, my dad and uncle played in highschool/college, and my brothers grew up playing the sport. I got the height (5' 11" baby!) passed down in the genes, but none of the talent (can't make a basket to save my life), so I am content to just watch the games on TV. When somebody in lab suggested an NCAA pool this past March, I jumped on it.

Most of the lab participated - there was quite a list of brackets in the pool. Every day around the lunch table, we'd check in and discuss - requisite trash talking, laments, etc. But do you know who came out on top at the end of the day?

Miss Outlier, yes indeed! Correctly predicted Duke as the champions, making up for some poor choices in the sweet 16 round.

I don't really follow professional football (though I do proudly wear my alma mater's colors on game day for college football), so I didn't participate in the NFL bracket. But there was one of those too.

And now, pride is on the line again around the office for the soccer pool. There's never any money involved, but reputations and friendly competition are at stake.

A good chunk of my friends are taking off after this summer, since they've graduated. They are sticking around as post-docs for now, but this is the last sports season we'll have this camaraderie. I'm going to miss them.

But not enough to feel bad when I win this pool too... :) Go Brazil!

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